GYB (Grow Your Business) is a National award winning social media marketing firm, operating from Newcastle Upon Tyne. We help businesses grow through the power of social media; predominantly using Facebook and Facebook Ads.

Our two key services are:

Social Media Marketing – This involves creating, optimising and managing adverts and posts for your business on Facebook and Instagram. We focus on creating content that makes audiences engage, through our knowledge of all things social media and our proven strategies; enabling your business to stand out amongst all of the noise online. We then ensure that the right people see your ads, using our expertise in advanced audience targeting.

Influencer Marketing – This includes creating ‘viral ready’ content and videos for your business, we then use various relevant influencers in the market; whether content based pages, micro influencers or celebrities to get your brand, product or service viral. This creates huge brand awareness for your business and is arguably the most powerful form of marketing that exists today. #AmplifyYourBrand

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We don’t want to bore you with the technical details here, but if you’d like to test our knowledge hit the ‘Contact Us’ button and reach out to us. We love a challenge!

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Social Media Adverts

We’re young, born in the generation of the rise of social media. Not only that, we were one of the early entrants in professional social media marketing and Facebook ads.

Our CEO, Hasan Hamid recognised from an early stage the power of social media, particularly Facebook and what could be achieved when utilised correctly.

Hasan spent several years to learn, study and work on social media advertising. Hasan undertook and successfully completed several courses including Facebook’s very own extensive Blueprint programme. Initially, Hasan offered his services part-time to charitable organisations, helping them to increase their following and raise funds online; whilst he was studying at University!

Thereafter, he started supporting local businesses, helping them to obtain more customers through Facebook – constantly testing, learning and improving throughout this time period.

Inevitably, after delivering significant revenue increases for a number of businesses, in the spring of 2017, Hasan launched GYB (Grow Your Business), a National agency based in the heart of Newcastle, offering laser targeted and highly engaging social media marketing solutions for any business; predominantly utilising the power of Facebook Ads.

Since then, GYB has grown to a team of four and already spent well over £1,000,000 on the Facebook Ads platform alone. GYB have worked with numerous businesses across the UK and the US; including small and large budgets, of up to £10,000 per day on Ads.

Through all our experience, we know exactly how to make your business stand-out from all the noise on social media, how to convince audiences to buy and ultimately how to GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

GYB has been recognised for delivering exceptional work in:

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How We Deliver


We get to know you, your business, your marketplace, your social media objectives; what your competitors are doing and then we INNOVATE and CREATE.


We do this by making specific tailored posts for your business that STAND OUT, both by duplicating trialled and tested methods and by creating unique, innovative adverts specific to YOUR business.


We then use our technical expertise to ensure that these posts are promoted not just to the maximum amount of people but to the MOST relevant audiences for YOUR Business!

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